Vampyra Reviews

Strange Cages — The Human Zoo Daily Camera review
"Oak Chezar narrates the history of a 19-year women’s group effort at Greenham, England, one in which women endured brutality and imprisonment and eventually helped broker a nuclear disarmament treaty. Chezar spent three years at Greenham."

The Last Supper To Go Daily Camera review
"Vampyra — played by Oak Chezar — brings us commentary on current news. Her rage-fueled rant takes aim at politicians on both sides of the aisle, and it is as pointed and funny as most anything you’d see on Comedy Central’s 'The Daily Show.'"

The Velocity of Outrage Daily Camera review 
"Chezar says, 'explaining white privilege to white people is like trying to explain water to fish.'"

And the Pursuit of Happiness Daily Camera review
"Chezar reprises her 'rated R for Rage' political comic Vampyra, too. Vampyra is trying to maintain her happy mood these days in the wake of Barack Obama’s presidential win, even if his cabinet is being filled with Clinton re-treads. And though she says she may find some other material before the show’s run is over, her Borscht Belt-style riffs on Sarah Palin are funnier than anything the late-night guys could come up with earlier this fall."

Occupy 2012: Womyn Who Glow in the Dark Daily Camera review
"Oak Chezar’s feisty alter-ego character... delivers whipcrack punch lines wrapped in social critiques. She talks about bankers ('the other white meat'), the problems with fracking, class warfare (the top warring on those below) and offers some lessons on non-violent civil disobedience."

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