Vampyra, The Money Show, 2008.

           “If you want to tell people the truth,make them laugh,   
                                otherwise, they’ll kill you.” (George Bernard Shaw)

Vampyra is my other half, my more outrageous, violent, and sexy half, who keeps me out of prison. Everyone needs an alter-ego to process the darkness with and through. After years as a direct-action enemy of the state, after all the jail time and radiation exposure and fury, it was delightful to scream “Fuck Patriarchy/Capitalism/The Rich/The president” into a dark theater and have the response be applause and laughter rather than arrests and beatings. Vampyra’s schtick was announcing the news as satire as she rage-coached the audience.

She was the one constant character in all Vox shows, a stand-up goth-style barbarian in a dominatrix costume. I found out the hard way that lying down in the street or shouting at people, arguing or guilting them shuts their hearts down, while laughter loosens their hearts. Laughter as truth-lube. Comedy as stealth weapon to illuminate evils with a dose of candy, and to help explain complex systemic and political patterns. I’m so glad to have discovered this soft pathway through the sharp mazes of activism.

Vampyra waits forever in the Green Room for her cue to go on.

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THE Money Show

Spring 2009
Obama’s still got that new president smell. Balls-heimers is a condition where your balls are so giant, you can blame a guy who’s been in power for 12 weeks for everything you did. Iowa legalizes gay marriage, Swine Flu hits, and we want Socialized Medicine, not Socialized Bank Bailouts!

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Strange Cages

Spring 2008
Here at the crossroads of the Late Roman Empire and the Early Dark Ages, Vampya rants about the upcoming election, Bush and Cheney, and the shit storm that is the War On Terror, or TWOT.

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The Fearless Freak Show

Spring 2007
The carnival of freaks comes to Scare City, and Vampyra raises hell to burn up our fears from sources of homeland security, total surveillance, and endless war.

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The Last Supper To Go

Fall 2007
Vampyra’s pissed about cell phones killing the bees, and destroys a cell phone on stage. Every night for 8 shows, she invited audience members to join her in smashing their phones. It was an improv rodeo. The night we filmed was particularly wild.

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