Photo Gallery: 


Kara, Mo and I—2021—Vox’s first time out into the blizzard of Covid to celebrate our alma-mater, the Mercury Café. 

Laura, Mo and I on my 66th birthday in the aspens, leaf-tossing-selfie.

Joy setting up paintings and frames for Vox show at the Mercury Cafe.

Publicity shot for Women Who Run With Scissors show. Erica, Nancy, Andrea, Magic, Naneki, Mo, and I on the Pearl Street Mall, satire with giant scissors.

Eagle, Sandi and I— tribe for life.

Dear friend, Alison Bailey and I, 1986, on break from Greenham on the cliffs of Cornwall.

Kathleen Sullivan and I, Jamestown 1997.

Outside the Denver Capitol with Mo and John Kefales. John and I were arrested together in 1983 blockading The White Train. Now he is State Senator.

At Valley View Hot Springs with Dane, Norma, & Artie.

With Artie & Kara.

Child’s play with Jude.

Naneki, Mamie, Nancy, me, Joy, Raven, Mo, Erica, Magic. Late 90’s publicity shot.

ZoBecki, Aron, and Tuba. Port Townsend, 2012.

Andrea, Raven, Phil, Michele, Osha, Shannon, Joy, me, Kara, Nancy, Mo. “Noasis: Last Call For Water” 2002, Mercury Café.

With Jude on holiday in Crestone, 2017.

Nancy, Mo, oak, Raven, Andrea. White Privilege, inspired by Peggy McIntosh, “White Lies” show, 2005.

Naneki, Mo, Erica, me, Joy, Magic, Raven, Nancy. Posing for Vox show,“Garlic Girls Reek Revenge”, 2001.

Setting up the frame of the Mongolian Yurt (Ger), 2016 Jamestown.

Jude, Melissa, Naneki, Paula, Kathryn & Meg up the roof. Twelve womyn, twelve hours. Wrapping it up, and…..done!

Vox, The Designer Vagina Clinic— Various vaginas and Dr. Dickis, about to make the cut.

Julie Colwell shooting it up at Pride.

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Planting a flag atop the building site. 1999—The strawbale house we build will be called Yashi— from Octavia Butler’s Lilith’s Brood— the name for the second heart that grows in a person and holds all the memories of one’s ancestors. May it be so.

On the scaffold, stuffing clay into straw.

Yashi, finished.

Off-grid solar shed, January.

We call the land Laughing Bird, and crows, magpies, and wild turkeys visit us daily.

With Kathleen.

A few of Joy Boston’s sculptures.

Storm clearing.

View to the south. Joy and Pearlie.

Yashi inside.

Winter night, warm inside.

Round window.

Inside the round window.

With Julio.  

Growing in summer, legal at last!

Reading my hot-off-the-presses new poetry book to human and dog friends. 


My parents’ grave, just up the hill—springtime-blooming in mullein.

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Lillian Chezar, my beautiful Mama.

When i was Baby Sharon, with Mama.

The parents on holiday.

Mama lighting Friday Shabbas candles.

Mama with Copal and me.

Papi with Copal.

Two strands—Chezar means ‘strands of the rope’.

My beloved horse, Fiddler. 1975, Colorado.

Copal and Shambo, a dogs’ life on womyn’s land.

Joy in the columbines.

Married to Joy, 1994, ceremony in the meadow.

Married to Sabrina in 2003, all official at the Boulder courthouse.

With Barny and Lupe, rescued wold-dogs, in high summer.

With Sandi.

Tuba, me and Aron—Port Townsend.


Wild scullcap—a rarity here—blooming on Mama’s grave. Perfect herb for her anxiety. Where did it come from?

Joy and Sunflower.

Joy with Copal.

Julio Luigi.

The Bally-Lama.

Tchatzke, hat.

Lydia, Tchatzke and me in the meadow.

Ziggy with sculpture.

Dogs in snow.

Julio, my short consort. 

Ziggy, Tchatzke, Julio.

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High in the Rockies.

By the falls.

Wild male turkeys, strutting in springtime.

October birthday hike.

Fall aspens.

In the Mamarock with Shelby & Julio.

Agnes the Aspen, a dear covid friend on the trail.

Wildfires, close—2020.

Later in the evening, fire’s closer.

With Pearlie on the bridge over James Creek.

Deer and turkeys on the snowy patio.

View from my porch, a mountain called Porphrey’s Dyke—makes me smile everyday.

Rare that I don’t wish I was a bird. Snow turkeys.

Summer aspen grove with 4 dogs.

Julio in wildflower meadow.

Oak in the oaks on womyn’s land. Arf, 1995.

Jamestown Flood. Nature bats last.

Autumn aspens with Tchatzke and Julio.

Turkey butts.

Poppy & bee.

Meadow with Tchatzke and Lydia.


Birthday hike out the door.

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