First of all, WELCOME to this archive!

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It’s so very strange to be a writer, tossing this hefty message in a digital bottle out into the deep ocean of minds. Not to know how far into the future these words can reach when i’m gone, or how they’ll be received. Such an odd intimacy to launch my heart like this out to you, when i don’t know who you are or what you like. Don’t know what to expect from you or what you’ll expect from me. What will your standards be for expression? Your ideas about the limits of symbiotic relationship or the event horizon of connection? 

This is a harvest from a 66 year old garden of thought, my life’s-work. Sounds so serious. Feels like birthing a bursting star of fractured pixels, an un-calm, never-finished gyre of geodrift orbiting your browse. I imagine a weeping god at a woman’s breast, body bursting into a spray of unfinished images through your eyes. May it be so. I hope you find this wild site pleasing to your heart-mind, and can feel the love within.

For the purposes of definition and clarity, I’ve struggle with the challenge of separating all these words into distinct Categories and Sub-Categories. While chaos is a creative principle, the goal here is ease of navigation. As navigation has always been a weak point for me as a traveler, and clarity holds me hostage at gunpoint, it’s taken me many months to organize this website, who’s point is to organize a writing life.  

The  challenge of separating and classifying meaning has been steep. I associate separation and division with the hierarchical rankings of patriarchy, the splitting of humans from nature, the atomization of nuclear weaponry, and all the terrible isms of our culture—I want nothing to do with it in describing and presenting my work to you. As for classification, everything here is True Stories; it’s all Activism and Radical Feminist Criticism. It’s all  Creative Writing, and Memoir. Every line is a Work in Progress, and every sentence is an Excerpt. Same with the categories of Comedy and Tragedy.  

There’s a lot of crossover and bleed-thru here, confluences that flow together. The existential and the economic. The spiritual and the social. The political and the private. Here are poems accompanied by images on video, and poems as text on the page. Vampyra videos and Vampyra scripts. Memoir fragments in poetic form, and lectures on Feminism which became fantasies, poems, essays, memoirs, and performance pieces. Simply said, Dear Reader, there are loads of sub-categories. I trust you will figure it out. If you get lost, all the better.  Enjoy the chaos.