WAke The Fuck Up!


Are you feelin’ stressed cos yr world is a mess
and it all spins round wanting and shopping
Your lifestyle feeds the earth to machines
and convenience dreams cause evil schemes
like debt & war that you ignore cos yr too busy workin’ ?
Consumer culture fries the ozone but even at home
surrounded by yr plastic riches
you can’t escape the feel of rape
of bodies in ditches
& the govt blames the other sons of bitches
but really the hitch is that endless war ain’t the cure
no substitution for a solution
and it’s your life that’s somehow the problem.

Pollution, deforestation, overpopulation
keep driving every day, shut yr ears and look away
all that decay’s just the way of the world
it’s just business
This is the house that desire built —
a world economy, a dominator philosophy
relentless hegemony all in our names
held by our masters just out of range
Such a strange game, makes us insane
fat and stupified but not to blame
cos its all beyond our control we say
as we roll through our day
alienated and rich and oppressing.

Its all about us, our consumer lust
It’s not just the violence it’s the silence and the promise
that yr needs are at the center so nothing else can enter
the tribe, the gods, and nature all turned away
hey, have a nice day
don’t feel bad check your sad at the mall
and ignore all the feelings that shout for attention
don’t mention it ever at all.

Unsustainable society
and our rising anxiety cannot last, its gotta pass
it’ll rust down to dust
but what about u,s what about us?
The voices that rise up against our closed eyes
with cries that oughta paralyze
but we drive by
robots on cellphones
nobody’s home to take this call
and so we fall & so we fall
till we lose it all.

Instead of fighting technology we become technology
we medicate at the rate of 50 million everyday
and 50 million more every night to sleep tight
it’s all right, to our truth we just lie
While 5 million kids are on ritalin – it’s not a sin—
it’s so they can sit still and swallow the swill
if it’s painful, take a pill in Amerikkka.

Yeah yr depressed, this dis-ease an unrest
at the truth locked up inside the test that’s yr head.
Cos this is the 6th great extinction on planet earth
it’s a holocaust’s birth
last time it was an asteroid, but now
we are the asteroid 
we are the enemy.

At a time like this individual suffering’s a myth
a privilege the earth can no longer afford
‘cause we live just to hoard and we sleep through the wars
and creation is bored with our spending.
We gotta change the tone we can’t go it alone
like some white ass ranger ridin’ into danger
like the cop of the world
with our flag unfurled going shopping
But how to justify our consumption
when life’s disruption is the means of our production
how to make it stop!

When an organism’s under attack, the antibodies fight back
more and more are created till the threat is deflated
the illness defeated, the balance  restored
And so to the sickness of alienation and consumerism
the only cure we’ve got
is activism.

Activists are the antibodies living in the beast
a chance of release the dark night, move towards peace
So, toss away yr guilt and yr pills
be brave face the ills
and shine with the light that’s inside you
There’s a great experiment risin’ up through cement
to put a dent in the smooth lying surface
Out of the ground rises the sound
of a million marching feet
keepin’ time to history’s beat
all over the planet a movement is gathering
capitalism‘s domination unraveling
feel the truth and let it wake you up cheering.

Break the trance of plastic culture
join the dance and quit the vultures
in the moment when our hearts awaken
Change the fate that’s been forsaken
transformation to co-creation
to end the progress of globalization
for the future of all of our relations
It’s time.

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