For 400,000 generations humans lived at nature’s speed

Technology ran all other options out of town
lied about the possibilities, and burned the whole house down
ripped off from the ground you found
you been taken hostage by the electronic mob
surrounded by mirrors of digital throb
incarcerated  shells in high tech cells
just business as usual here in hell.

Society reshaped without yr. permission
centralized command & control,  every empire’s mission.
The process itself overpowering all doubt
even if you had the time, you don’t have the language
to protest progress
to ask who benefits
Know that the real gift’s for industry and military
it was never for us
still you jump on the internet like it’s some bus
to somewhere real, you say
I just use it to get information
and your masters say, that’s right: get in formation!

They got ten thousand devices, the interlocking whole
tumblers click into locks, cocked and ready to roll
Hardware and software, the chronic social crutch
Have any people ever been so sure about so much?

Machines extend you, hurled down mechanical rails
hanging off shining infrastructures by one fingernail 
dazzled while electric fields impossibly multiply
& burning white glitches tear holes in the sky

You carry disposable devices as if they’ll save your lives
not seeing how they’ve taken over what’s left of your lives
and you never ask the most radical questions.  
WHY have we become this metabolized?

Reptile brain caught in the light from the screens
evolution sits in darkness unable to dream
Your senses denied, yr. colonized — by repetition ritualized
becoming less like animals, that’s the consequence
confirming nature’s irrelevance.

Your kids are leashed to their rooms by cords
Nature’s perfection just makes em bored
magical imaginations are bleeding to death
while intangible ghosts suck their last breath
Their mama’s a global commodification
Their daddy’s electromagnetic radiation
Indoctrination starts early for The People of the Screen
even the children, part whore & part slave
everybody pickin virtual cotton
in the digital plantations of cyberspace.

But I was born ten thousand years ago
when the earth was sanctified
communities situated in space &  time
I wanna wake every kid to what he knows is true
before you put a Playstation  into his hands
he knew
We are dreams of seeds, pulse of beasts
we are shadows cast by clouds and the roots lyin’ underneath
Murmuring on the other side of all the buzzing brightness
woven into our animal memories
before the great loneliness

Stop teaching kids Science till you’ve taught em Connection
love of earth, not a smooth silver tube of rejection
time to end the trance so they can transcend
let them dance till their senses catch fire again
snake their roots deeper till they hit pulsing strata
life wants wings, not weights, the fake gravity of data.

There are dragons sleeping under the wired earth
guarding the treasure of blood and breath
One blue green seam of light, barely breathing
One red thread pumps ecstasy and meaning
This is the war between flesh & drones
machines vs. air, fire, water, and stone
Heaps of broken images will chant your uncaging
you’ll fly out of your boxes engaed and enraging
now it’s safe to shut off yr devices,
go deaf to the tones
the open secret of nature suffices
still dreaming poems
Creation is calling you — fucking hang up the phone.

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