The RaptuRE

2006                                                          On the re-election of George W Bush

In the beginning there was relation
in the end there’s fear and separation
Just the toll our soul takes, it’s the shaking away
from the only god there ever was
the MotherGod — Nature
patriarchy made us hate her.
Declares war on earth, says we’re sinners from birth
divided and blinded we stumble unminding past
all the extinctions required by the eye in the sky
Religion, filling the till
Religion, killing free will
Until we believe the bribes and the lies that god is a man
that heaven is all he wants us to want
so everyday
he deepens the spell of hell down here
If this patriarchy ain’t hell
it’s the lobby or nearer

Glass houses of megachurches hurling stones
evangelicals droning at suburban clones
SUV’s in parking lots lined up like tombstones
Worshipping outer space
where heaven waits to annihilate earth.
We live in an anti-renaissance
the final act of imperialism
surrounded by dicks
all over the body spread out on the rack
spasms like a long slow heart attack
The Great Mother, who’s started to attack us back.

She birthed us and fed us throughout the green vastness of time
Ecstasy’s wet nurse
She opened her purse
of DNA molecules, fabulous rituals
For a million seasons she planted a billion reasons for life to live
She was makin’ Time
Writing songs called Paleolithic, Mesozoic, Neolithic
ages flying by
flipping pages of streaming time
Cells divided in turquoise seas
she spun sunbeams
played in dinosaur dreams
Life made lichens and worms, fishes and birds
breath merging, herds converging
threads tumbled together in a web She spun
Sipping oneness through the red straw
of our blood and our love
She was working out her slow, unwinding solution
Layin’ down fossils way before mankind’s pollution
And — oh, wait —
Y’all don’t believe in evolution!

The male god says don’t believe in biology
says there’s no Great Mother, no relation to others
I say this myth of yours is the source of all misery, brothers
You’re wasting my time, and I’d rather spend it wasting your creations
I waste them in vindication of the Goddess and Time
wasting your Humvees, your suburban dreams, your surveillance satellites
your neon urban blight
Watch me wasting your war-mind in defense of evolutionary time.

Once upon anti-entropic cycles of biologic time
deathless star breath inhabits every cell
tells us we are mollusks and chlorophyll
iron and carbon, memories of wilderness
not the machines of His holy uterus
we are Earth, more essential than religion ever was.

Before the wars, the holy books that lied
tried telling us that we are at the center
that men alone entered
arm in arm with god
entered armed with god
entered paradise bearing weapons to subdue creation
prepared to open fire on green Life’s desire just to live
This is the end of time, you say
And you fire time
open fire on Time, call this time The End Time?
Maybe this is the end of your time ruling our minds!

Who stride alone beside god
raping nature for the profits of the prophets of this empire that fires time
plants nothing but landmines
its tentacles identical to every violent terrorist act
Changing the sex of god is the first fact that brackets the horror-house of history
His story.  We and the earth are sick to death of his story!
Shake us awake
from night-stallions of patriarchal epochs, take us back
to millenniums of magnesium, calcium, chromium, potassium, back
to the bare bones of our befores
Restore to us the lush green womb  I am Nature
the envy and enemy of modern man
I am the Goddess — the ground of all being
Her beautiful tenacious yes-sing

Yes-sing — the only song she knows
ringing from the boughs of great trees
Bow down!
Put your knees to the ground and let her pound you full of Her good sense
some essence, beyond the dumbing-down fear-filled brains
smoothed out to fit into his heaven’s gate
No friction, just airbrushed addictions
sliding into the purity and security of the final gated kingdom
where the spectator sport of male theology tells us to shut up and sit down
and keep projecting Satan out there, all evil doers out there
wandering in some wilderness you haven’t blasted through yet

Listen, man, I don’t want your approval
I want removal
from the society of good christian men
who batter christian wives, rape christian children
who steal, cheat, horde, & torture in the name of god
Who’s big world view is limited due
to the bullet shattered windows of Humvees they stare through
Who imagine themselves above everybody else
‘cos their idiot in chief was re-elected to re-instate prayer in the bloody schools
and leave these fools their assault weapons on shelves in stores
patriots playin’ the hero in these culture wars
Till U.S. foreign policy mirrors the bible’s prophesy
like the mirrored sunglasses on god’s big face
staring back at a haunted race
so afraid of Life they wanna
take     it      out.

But yr. so wrong, ‘cos God is a Mother
Swirling through Time from the first cell floating on the first sea
at the first outbreath of the world
that breath still circles,  chanting Yes
god’s the divine female
who just says Yes
and we gotta give Life support saying Yes
And maybe these death throes are really birth pains
And maybe this chaos is labor, not apocalypse
And maybe what we need to do is push —
push through her hips
Push through.
The end of patriarchy is my rapture
and I ain’t goin nowhere but Here.

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