The Fall


Today, the market’s falling
autumn leaves are falling
instructions for uprising coming down with falling leaves
and the waiting’s almost done.
The second industrial revolution is the one against industry
freeing us from the wars, the toxins, the mastery
Free us like trees into sharing, resting
and merciful silence
Seeds — prepare yourselves for yourselves
Friends — prepare yourselves
like autumn rattles falling
walk out into the glittering groves in silence

Once the standard was gold, now we’re told trust in god
but I swear allegiance to this earth
Back to the ground
found in the land of the lost
still counting the cost
the endlessness of life finding her way
to the beat of every rhythm this culture’s destroyed
keeps me counting

Trust in bags of beans and rice
gardens and gallons of olive oil
Trust in rain, community, in gravity, self sufficiency
we were always each others’ social security
Celebrate when the blue wind shakes her tambourine and
leaves sail down
the aroma of decay blessing life with insurrection
Trust the direction of down

Sink into the ground, exhausted
as aspens shimmy out of their tender underwear
and leaves drop like silken panties to the forest floor
Crown the homeless, the crazies, and all cleaning ladies
and drop down, fall down, crash down
like the walls of Wall Street
like the tanks of free trade
They made this land an aircraft carrier, an armed satellite
but the messenger from the barricades came
reading singed strips of light
Beware the lies: that’s the only rule now
Sit. Take your shoes off. Breathe
Just step aside, crumble into compost,
leaf on
fall ...............
away from bulldozers and alarm clocks
gas pumps and sharp objects of danger
Prepare to enter the forest
ask forgiveness
Season of atonement when we’ll eat the seeds of roses
as the earth empties her silence into things of noise

Wonder is the question that asks us now
our unfinished animal selves
laughing like grass in parking lot cracks
Deathless, I add my breath to your breath
and breathed by life
we fall again into
the Great Mothering Soul
Fall into this world again
Her dark ecstatic galaxies craving form
the language of longing fruiting
inside our gorgeous imaginations
our pockets full of seeds
our sacks of rice and beans
and the naked truth of winter
circling closer

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