Light hits retina, heart rushes open
camera aperture soul delights in lichens
river rush, wild rose, clover, butterflies, willow
only World pouring through
I’m just passing through 
one of you
I lie limp like the sky
pleated with clouds

Berries burst into morning
hosannahs for the bears
dreaming through the desperate months
of abundance they lumber down
Bring me more bears!  demands the Earth
in her mama-bear growly-voice.

Burnt up at the stake of life force
purified to witness butterflies instead of thoughts
raspberries and silver spruce reach in
and scrub out the deep pit of what’s yet undone
naming shamed to silence
creation keeps creating the next now
I bet my next breath
on the faintly human voices of flies
as the spring creek drops
to the invisible ocean

Grasses surround me in silent explosions
washed in the miracle, life bounces along
one uninterrupted breath
indestructible persistence
practice softening to a bubble
a fractal rainbow
a perfect circle
as all the nameless details pop
the one dream reaches for more.

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