mind like a silver scissors
my poem tied in ropes
mounts me like a dragon
rides me down some blind mind shaft
with the weight of a lifetime of shadows
cocked back and ready

so, surrender
intoxicated, self-immolating, anti-conscious
combustion set in motion
burning through layers of flowers
back to yeast kindled origins

I come apart in a boil
sufficiently aroused
jump in the raft
cataract, parachute, plunge
metaphysical with metaphors
only bogus symbols insist of gravity

I’m a bad patient, a difficult passenger
daylight carries me on glass shattered edges
oscillations in the voltage
like a caterpillar on its slender thread dangling
trust this only direction
into a dark lit with promises
of rubies

I’m the one who sees and doesn’t see
feels and keeps moving
wind blade air interstellar spiraling
you’re the one who can’t say
heritage of silence falls first
poetic deaths divine resurrection
time to go down
our crowns diluted
ranging through centuries
in the wilderness

when shadow outweighs body
tell it chain by chain
bloody fingers
smacked by edges of history
past all hieroglyphic maps
down to unfathomable knowing
through rings of all seasons
skulls and seeds singing
irresistible, go down
link by fragile link past fragments of structures
that didn’t make it to the light
past even Pluto
no handhold no toehold
fields of gems slung with shit
teach me not to take it

passionate transits, webs of old lovers
manic gush of tremors descending
down sweet pussy tunnel
a buried tower at the false bottom
a lake of tears beneath the sand
sword in a scabbard of meteors
baby heart caught in its net and sending
cosmic trapdoor downpour
fevered and tender
swallowing golden bumblebees
walk into my next life
peel off the human costume, happily

positive, negative — fuck all binaries
internal radiance the dark moon
smile of the tiger take me now
worship paradox only
grateful always for your face
bowing down before this
in wonder, exhaustion, collapsed
on the overgrown track
I fuckin’ give up
hymned in a poem
as I am
take me

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