Haikus for Mama

Day 4, Sitting Shiva

First sun on fresh grave
I lure birds to teach you flight
2 huge crows eat seeds

Gleaming black feathers
Prepare to carry you on
Muscular shoulders

Teacup in one hand
sun flares bless my inside now
Clock ticks you freer

Open heart moving
With this light there is no death
Let go into it

The evershining
Time of your liberation
Immortal, step in

Density, cold air
Keeps me from kneeling in snow
Watching out windows

Mama, here we are
Fingers of light lick shadows
Another day falls

Enter the beauty
Guarded here by Adonai
Met with deepest love

Passing away is
Shoving off from this landscape
Knowing you are loved

This phase of Chaos
Resolution for us all
Surrender and pass

Begin it in snow
Say: I was loved! I was loved!
Heart flowers blooming

Plane of the wombing
When you were newborn, you learned
Recognize this light

All fear subsiding
Forever! Imagine that!
Now you're an angel

At the edge of life
Everything changes but Soul
Enter the center

Return home in peace
Releasing all your burdens
Hail the Traveller!

I bid you farewell
Beyond last heartbreaking breath
Transcendence and peace

This sweet love lingers
Stronger, purer, deeper, free
As you travel on

Simple is best now
Elementals hold me here
Up there, you unclench

Clouds sail eastwardly
Vapors of passing snowstorm
Rise and fly like that

Such gratitude now
Thanks for letting me love you
And for loving me.

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