Come Like Spring


Running like Artemis
with dogs in a burnt-out forest
cool cloudy May
erotic big rangy spring
like a long legged girl
stretching slow
through weeks of damp gray
teasing the earth to a panting froth
making us all wet

I curl my whole body around your green hand
swell in synchronous cascades
wind and sun intoxicate
marinate in the rich broth
of Persephone’s hormones
wanna squirm up the length of you
present tensing
cloud slides sun glittering insects
nectar dreamin’ emerald flush
come into the moment  
stay awhile
vibrate with bee wings
cell by cell
prepare to be taken
like this
red open satin soakin’ spread & stretching 
catch me
make me come

Past every cornered shadow
and imagined enemy echo
come now
erasing every jagged edge of human
viridian as the dream of a seed
bind me, bear me, bring me home
shivering moss-wet gynergy
rushing from every boogying tip
flushes to open on silver wind
racing up to the surface
of the misunderstood world
tremble, explode
all red and green
flashing at the feet
of sleep and darkness
beneath the roar of
light and time.

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