Candlemas Invokation


Arabian moon Goddess
triple queen
of heaven, earth, and the underworld
wings, hooves, roots
restless inside me tonight

searching and murmuring
dreaming I come
with ideas, I come
rinsed in the hot scents of womyn
bearing shells & feathers, wolf-fur, purple silks
tripping over stones and education I come
skilling in breaking taboos
leaping over the history of the fathers
burning my wardrobe I come
shaking the rattle of my mother’s pain
my grandmothers’ bones
steeped in the knowledge of all hatred
and burning I come

kissing the trees
I come trailing hunters
endangering myself and all others
spilling blood and drumming
turning the pages and learning
recalling the flowers I come
leaving the armchairs, the rooftops
utensils & landmines of hometowns I come
trading life for a stone that has known you
singing amazing grace with creek-waters
I come

draped in auras of hawks and the oceans’ last whales
I come
ignorant of all things but You
I’ve wandered, inventing You
You who are patient and waiting
You who are clouds and snowmelt
sloshing with the sound of living waters
breaking into flames like buds
I come to You

Goddess of the reaching trees
wolf in a snowbank gnawing a deer leg
You keep the watch
bind the wound
splint the will
You are a circle of stones on a hill
a flock of synchronized swallows
murmurating starlings
the seven year circle of eternal return
You’re the warm vibrating ant-hill in winter
the fur of branching antlers
and all the colors washed inside crystals
You are spring
and every lingering chord of the harp
calling me
to rejoice in this bare-feet journey
of hoops and flames
kisses and thorns
You are the tenderest settled center
of all edges

protectress and the mighty darkness
midwife me through these cataclysms
swimming forever towards
Your breath, Your beach
Your breasts, Your blessing
I come
I am coming
returning home
to You.

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