Autumn Equinox

September is seeding herself again
backlit by morning light, seeds glow silver
spiral arrows readying for that journey
towards endless life
sunflowers line up facing east like devotees of islam
this meadow bursting under the weight of seeds
ancestor grasses and unborn future green
this is where the tawny wind bounces off herself
falls down and rises to run again, whirligigging
like a roomful of sugar-crazed giggling kids
this is the meadow of elderly insects feasting
to full on gold and purple flowers.

Illuminated vegetable world
swings round with the sun
shadows changing daily
light tilting
again as stillness descends
to the humming charged by seeds
chanting to a bronze gone
somewhere far

enter the cathedral
stained glass and cameo canopy
wind plays tambourine in leaves
steam whistle blowing autumnal
jazz jam
the woods are a marmalade quilt
a river of calico
all the wild energy of creation
equinox and the balanced egg
poised in wind, light, time
inside the swelling exhalation of stars
stones and me and the conifers
hold our breath
as one leaf sails slowly down
between home
and Home

gold winks through a fold of forest robe
mountains rising on crenelated skirts
green curtains slowly swinging
dinging against spider webs draping every trail
sprays of sugar and butter, confection forest
i wanna write you a poem but really
i wanna write you an aspen grove

triple goddess stands at the crossroads
where the primary condition is light
the second, cold
she says Now, releasing the carousel spin
what rises is treasure
that music everywhere
summer dives deeper
bass drumbeat of rot
smell that lulls the bears to sleep
den of the world stripped clean.
I stand like an unfurled flower
thick and dense inside
with time
petals, pollen
longings and
death to come.

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